What you will learn with this eBook

In The Guilty Parents—Mindful Screen Time, you will discover:

  • Practical information to help you set reasonable rules and sensible boundaries that work for your family

  • The essential tools to moderate technology use in your kids’ lives, manage your own worry and anxiety, and maintain a happy family
  • A well-researched guide to help you navigate screen-time and know how to set healthy limits
  • Types of screen-time — the truth behind what is beneficial and what can be dangerous

  • The myths about technology use and unhealthy amounts of digital exposure — debunked
  • A strategy for when to set screen-time rules — and when to let go of them
  • The online activities and video games that can inspire creativity, boost problem-solving skills, and educate… all at the same time

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Now Available in AudioBook Format

Now Available in AudioBook Format