Meet the Authors – John and Kimberley Woods

We are John and Kimberley Woods and we have a son named Lochlan. We are regular people and parents that just want what is best for our son. While trying to learn along our parenting journey we read many books and found that we were left feeling worse than when we started.

We started the Guilty Parents because it is OK to feel guilty, all that means is that you want what is best for your kids. So we embrace that! We want to flip the negative and often judgmental narrative around various parenting topics.

John has been published multiple times in travel and adventure books and magazines, he has multiple degrees in varying disciplines such as Philosophy, Cultural Anthropology and Physical Geography. John has always been interested in how and why people do the things we do and has been fascinated with the world we live in.

Kimberley is a wife, mother and former public service employee with many years in animal care. She has always put other people first and has spent years in conversations with our large extended family and friends group about the many hot parenting topics that all parents discuss.

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