3 Fears about screen time for kids – and why they’re not true

Perfection Isn’t a Thing

In the article linked below, the author talks about trying to keep up with all the social media posts and all the so called perfect parents you might see online.

Truth is there is no such thing as a perfect parent. We write our books with this in mind. We are all trying our best, and we all want what is best for our child or children.

Have a quick read of this short article. Let us know what you think!

Are you worried about your teen being in front of a screen all day and not out with friends?

The Pew Research Centre posted a very interesting article in 2018 that showed teens credit social media for helping them in building strong relationships and in exploring the world, however research also shows that the same teens express concern that social media sites can lead to drama and social pressure.

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If you own an Apple device, check this link out for support on setting up parental controls

It is not always easy trying to figure out how to setup the parental controls on various devices. Well if you own an Apple device then we have the link for you!


Teach your kid to manage their own screen time

Sounds like a dream scenario doesn’t it!?

What we have to remember is that this generation is growing up with screens all around them, all the time. The best thing we can do is teach them how to decide if they are going to play one more game or turn the game off to study.

Check out this article from the Nurture and Thrive blog to learn more:


Want to get your kid moving?

Here are the best free online exercise and fitness workout channels on YouTube.

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